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Edo Language is widely spoken in Nigeria and across the world with many Edo people and children living in many countries of the world. The Ruẹdo Webpage ensures that the Edo culture and tradition is kept from generation to generation. The website also teaches exact pronunciation of translated language by relating the translated data, actual meaning of the English data E.G. “light” can mean illumination and can also mean a not too heavy load. It teaches the end user how to pronounce accurately this type of translations and distinguish one similarly pronounced word from another. The webpage also uses English phrase translations to ensure accurate understanding of Edo language.

The Ruẹdo Webpage was created to preserve legacy data for the next generation.
It was observed that due to migration of people round the world; it has become common occurrences to have inter-racial marriages, also business relationships and friendships with other races are very common. Learning to speak other languages help to develop better relationships and preserve cultural legacies.
Ruẹdo was developed to help preserve Edo Language in its original format and as well as promote the correct pronunciations of words linked with exact meaning with the language and also promote cultural values of the local speakers.
Ruẹdo will help to enhance business and personal relationships by reducing communications barriers between partners.
This Website also contains audio files programmed with each unit of a lesson. Whenever the user selects any unit of a lesson, the appropriate audio files can be played and recorded (if possible).